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The Plantsman Bakery &eatery

The day our story began

The mornings start very early for our team. There is nothing better than a new day, unlocking the gates and grabbing the unknown by the ‘horns’. Approaching the eatery, the coffee machine is obviously the first and most important item to start up and so the scone baking and icing of the cakes begins.


This is a space where all our ideas, screenshots and brainstorming of new ideas come to life. The morning rush begins with our cheerful locals pouring in to grab their seat and the first breads out the ovens, cyclists parking their bicycles at the closest cycling rack, and gas stoves getting lit to begin the breakfast run. Moving our way through the rush, the lunch orders stream in and our cooks push through the mad rush of getting all the orders out in time to our eager guests.


Our favourite sweet treats include our Orange Blossom cake, Death by Chocolate cake and our famous Cream Cheese Carrot cake which usually tends to run out before the blink of an eye. The day usually ends with the team chatting about the rushed day that we all feel so grateful to be part of and witness. We always chat about how we all survived the madness but how lucky we are to call this our second home and to be in this beautiful space, out in the open, and the fact that this team is a family!

We occasionally host the odd event here and there which is always held in our beautiful gardens at our outdoor venue spots, which include the Rose Garden, The Bunny Burrow for baby showers and kiddies birthday parties as well as the popular kiddies spot, The Tree House which is usually accompanied by a jumping castle to round off the fun.


Meet our resident Hen, other bunnies and farm animals

Our bakery has been the second project that we have been working on, and may I add how excited we are. You could say that we are somewhat, child-like excited about the bakery and that we get to bake fresh bread for our locals in the neighbourhood. Something about the aroma of bread gives a sense of comfort to me and what better way to start your day off with a slice of warm bread with some salted butter.

We hope you enjoy our happy place as much as we do and take in the beautiful garden’s that tannie Hettie tirelessly works on.


Tag us, mention us, and keep checking up on us on our busy social media pages!


Love, Kris

Sandwhiches, cakes and baby party
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The Plantsman Eatery

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