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South African breakfast

Shakshuka Breakfast

A Breakfast Run Favourite!

Shakshuka is a Middle Eastern dish, flavoured with delicious aromatic flavours
Spinach and feta quiche freshly baked

Spinach and Danish Feta Quiche

Savoury pastries

Lovely for a summer or warm winter dish! Did you know you can order these for home?
Deliciously cooked wholesome meals

Rosemary Tomatos

Our Favourite Herb

"My favourite aspect of The Plantsman eatery is that some of the herbs and vegetables are home grown and the ingredients are all organic! A fresh, flavory taste of home and nature."
Salad with a serving of our famous salad dressing

Quiche and Salad

Our famous Quiche's of the day!

Ask our waitron what the quiche of the day is! Hint: Our salad dressing is a favourite too
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