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Nestled in  the heart  of  the White River Country side

The Plantsman Eaterys beautiful selection of freshly baked cakes

Hearty food, great vibes and delicious baked goods


Our bakery produces a variety of delectable baked goods which include artisan breads, cakes, tartlets and other delicious options.


At The Plantsman Eatery “We have a dynamic team of passionate cooks and waitresses that are committed to making your visit an enjoyable experience”

Functions & Catering

Host your next celebration in the beautiful Plantsman gardens

Endless Joy in the

Visit   the Plantsman on our social platforms too!

Enjoy the open escape of our gardens, endless

excitement of functions and timeless newly introuduced recipes


white river


Just launched

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We are pet friendly & the best for kiddies

 We are located next to White River Country Estates South Gate

Visit The Plantsman for our Terbodore Coffee

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Selling Terbodore coffee at the Plantsman Eatery
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Pre - Order

Freshly Baked

Visit our new bakery! Orders must be placed before 10 AM for the following day pick-up. Send orders to 073 767 7188

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